After almost 30 years in the industry, we have driveway and parking lot maintenance down to a science!

We start by cleaning the asphalt surface with high power blowers and wire brushes where needed. We then remove any grass or debris from the cracks prior to crack-filling. This ensures proper adhesion of the sealant. We also cut back the grass on the edge of the driveway/parking lot and primer any fresh oil spots before applying the sealcoat.

Once we've prepared the asphalt surface, it's time to apply the crack-filler and/or sealcoat. All of the hot applied crack-fillers and pavement sealers used by Driveway Doctors are high quality commercial grade products that meet or exceed government and ASTM specifications. We use our years of experience to select the right application method for each job and work in a neat, efficient, and professional manner.

Upon completion of every job we clean up the work area and put up caution tape or traffic cones where needed. Over the years our finished product and good word of mouth has been Driveway Doctors' best form of advertising. As a result, Driveway Doctors has grown into the largest Western Massachusetts based asphalt maintenance company.